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How do I Manage My Music Catalogue?

Discover a simple and affordable way to easily organize and protect your music

Musicspace: January 2021 Platform Update - New Logo, Feature & More!

Here's our product update for the month of January, 2021. Not much has happened this month as we ran into some issues, but, rest assured, we'll be making some exciting changes over the coming months!

6 Books Every Musician Should Read [2021]

Here's a round up of the 6 best books for musicians looking to develop their mindset.

4 YouTube Optimization Tips For Musicians (2020)

Find out four simple ways you can optimize your YouTube channel to expand your reach as a musician.

Musicspace 2.0: Platform Redesign, Updates & More! [November/December 2020] 🚀

Find out what our team has been up to behind the scenes in November to take Musicspace to the next level!

30 Side Hustles For Musicians [2021 UPDATED]

Find out how you can begin making some solid side income as a musician!

How To Build Focus As A Musician

As an artist, it's incredibly important to understand how to focus your time and energy in order to grow your brand effectively. In this article, we explain how!

How to make your music stand out in the Music Industry

Learn how to set yourself apart from other musicians in the music industry.

4 Creative Ways To Promote Your Music Online (A Guide)

In this article, we walk you through how to promote your music for free (or affordably).

6 Ways To Become A Better Songwriter

Here are six simple-to-implement ways of becoming a better songwriter.

5 Things We Can Learn From Kanye West's Battle With UMG & Sony

Credit: Daily MailThe past few days have been huge for the music industry, in particular for Multi-platinum Hip-Hop artist, Kanye West. If you haven't been up to speed on Twitter, Kanye sent shockwaves throughout the world of music by requesting UMG to give him back ownership ...

10 Free Online Tools For Musicians

Being a musician can be a tough path to follow at times, which is why it's important to be up to speed with the latest software/tools to help keep your career flowing like clockwork. Below are ten free &and affordable) online tools to help you get the most out of your care...
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